Genevieve Waller

(773) 330-8086

We are all storytellers, all the time. Stories bring us together and make us brave. They help us speak up, speak out and change circumstances. They help us learn new ideas, understand old ways, spark our imaginations and enable us to share adventures with people we’ve never met. They take us places, draw on our sympathies and make a big, extraordinary world a little smaller. They expand our amazement of the elements around us by helping us realize we’re all connected as the planet spins around in its little corner of the universe. I believe that by sharing stories – in telling them and hearing them – we each discover our own, unique voice among the universal truths. We learn that our stories have power and value, no matter who we are or what our circumstances. We are reminded that each of us matters.

As a teller, I thoroughly research and prepare stories across genres for oral delivery at schools, workplaces, events and with community-led organizations. As a writer, I continue to develop original stories for children and adults. My programs, workshops and exercises enhance my students’ and clients’ own storytelling abilities and experiences; in turn, this benefits their literacy, listening, communication and empathy skills in myriad ways. With each interaction, I continue to feel the power of sharing a compelling story with audiences who are open to be transfixed, transported and transformed in their lives, their work and their own creativity. We are in this together.