Barb Schutzgruber

(734) 761-5118 or (734) 635-0197

“When Schutzgruber spins her conversational yarns… you can imagine yourself listening by firelight on the edge of some enchanted forest, where anything is possible…” [Lynne Heffley – Parents’ Choice]

Barbara Schutzgruber is an award-winning storyteller of folktales, ballads and personal stories. Her comfortable, spontaneous style, rich voice and flawless pacing bring to life gutsy girls, wise women, tricksters and string.

Since 1987, she has performed for audiences of all ages across the United States in schools, prisons, state parks, hospitals, museums, and festivals. She presents workshops and showcases throughout Michigan, the Midwest, nationally and internationally. Her recordings have won 2 Parents’ Choice Gold Awards, an ALA Notable Award, and 2 Storytelling World Award Honors.

She is co-author with Dorothy Cleveland of “Beyond the Sword Maiden – A Storyteller’s Introduction to the Heroine’s Journey” (Parkhurst Brothers Publishers) a ‘how to’ book for anyone who wants to share a story about personal perseverance, survival and transformation. The book provides a narrative pattern for stories dealing with the challenges of emotional survival and maturation in the face of trauma and betrayal for personal stories, as well as therapeutic and business situations.