Ben Rosenfield


Dr. Ben Rosenfield (aka Dr. Frog), also known throughout the Midwest as “The Frog Guy,” shares tales from his childhood growing up in the Appalachian foothills of Ohio, as well as stories of his own creation. A veteran educator with over 30 years in elementary and middle schools, both as a teacher and principal, Ben’s stories celebrate life as well as educate. He helped write and clarify the Language Arts Standards for Excellence in Illinois schools. “Storytelling enhances imagination, creativity, literacy and comprehension like nothing else can. Imagine it, write it, tell it, and you’ll learn it!” Featured at festivals, on TV, and radio, Ben tells original stories, ghost stories, family and folk tales, multi-cultural stories, country yarns and more. Ben is the creator and artistic director of the highly popular and well-known Halloween extravaganza, “Scare on the Square,” in Woodstock, Illinois, and has long hosted the Liar’s Contest at the Illinois Storytelling Festival in Spring Grove. Ben’s literacy workshops in Reading, Writing and Storytelling enhance student performance and school achievement. Registered Illinois CPDU provider.