Ted Parkhurst

Parkhurst Brothers Publishers

Ted Parkhurst and his wife, Linda, publish award-winning books by storytellers and others at Parkhurst Brothers Publishers. Authors include Jim May, Elizabeth Ellis, Dorothy Cleveland, Bobby Norfolk, Lyn Ford, Barbara Schutzgruber, and Fran Stallings. We also coach writers and self-publishers on a for-fee basis. The Parkhurst Brothers Catalog is online at www.parkhurstbrothers.com; just click on the catalog cover image at the top of the page to view new titles and current offerings. Also watch for our ads in Storytelling Magazine.

If you would like to re-sell Parkhurst Brothers books at your events (and earn a reseller’s profit), email or phone. We’ll be glad to help. We’ll help you grow your storytelling business!

Give storyteller’s books as gifts and spread the awareness and appreciation of storytelling throughout your clan and community!