Nancy Newlin

(847) 644-6067 or (847) 455-5577

“I love telling stories to young children. I like seeing their eyes grow bigger and bigger as they listen and watch. I delight in the moment when a child jumps up and starts telling the story right along with me!”

Nancy tells stories in a style that is true to the way children learn – through play. She invites the audience to help her tell a story through movement, chanting, singing, dancing, and improvisation. She tells stories to children as a springboard and inspiration for reading, writing, creative drama, poetry, the visual arts, and telling stories of their very own. Children love it when she dresses as Mother Goose and performs the nursery rhymes, including her invented verses. Many students greet Nancy the second time they see her with the words, “I know you!” She believes the children remember her because… she told them a story!