Mike Lockett

(309) 310-2299 or (309) 454-2300

Mike Lockett is teller of traditional tales in a non-traditional manner. He travels extensively as a storyteller to schools, libraries, storytelling festivals, education conferences, churches and meetings of all kinds. He has given over 4000 programs across 30 states and in 15 countries. Lockett was an award winning educator for 33 years and has been telling stories for 4 decades. He gives programs for all ages – Pre-K and Early Childhood, Primary and Intermediate Grades, High School, Adults, Senior Citizens and Mixed Family Audiences.

Lockett is an author as well as a storyteller. He has written thirteen children’s books. Nine of those books are available in English and Chinese. Four of the nine are also in English and Spanish. Four new titles will be released by Spring, 2017. He has released six storytelling CDs/DVDs.

Mike has a wide repertoire of folk tales, Appalachian tales, personal stories, literary stories from his books, historical stories, Bible stories, ghost stories and more. His programs are always memorable. They are clean, age appropriate, energy filled and fun. Lockett often adds music to programs – both a capella music and songs accompanied on his Appalachian Dulcimer. His many years in public school education make him the perfect person to book for programs in schools, especially for bilingual students and individuals at all ages who are working with EFL – English as a Foreign Language.