Simran Harvey

(734) 222-0043

(SIM ron) Simran’s basic training in storytelling happened naturally over the years as she told astrological clients the archetypal stories at work in their charts and lives via planets and stars. From 2007-2009 she had the pleasure of being a tour guide at the Allan Houser Sculptural Garden outside Santa Fe, New Mexico. In a beautiful setting of mountains, desert, and larger than life marble and bronze sculptures, Simran talked to audiences comprised of one to sixty-five visitors about the history of the Chiricahua Apache, the life and career of the artist Allan Houser, and stories related to individual pieces in the Garden. She loved it, but did allow as how it would be even better if she got to change the stories every couple months. Now Simran lives in Ann Arbor, MI where she enjoys the fellowship of other storytellers and can change the stories whenever it suits her!