Karin Amano

(407) 301-8121

Karin was born and raised in Japan, where she was trained in Japanese Traditional Dance as well as singing and acting. She received her BS in Educational theater from New York University. Karin was a full-time actor/storyteller at Walt Disney World for 11 years. She still performs for Holidays Around the World at Epcot every year.

Karin wears traditional Japanese attire and uses a traditional Japanese folding fan, which she calls a convenient “all-in one prop” for Japanese storytellers. It can be used for a scene to simulate chopsticks as well as snow falling, a sword, a sake cup, a letter, a pen, and so on. Karin also uses stylized movements with the fan that one sees in the Kabuki theater.

She plays multiple roles spontaneously or picks audience members to participate in her show while singing to a musical instrument. She has adapted many Japanese folktales, comedic Japanese children’s stories, and tales from Japanese mythology.