Your Turn!

Let’s Hear Your Story at a Swap or Open Mic



Fairy Tales Open Mic – 8:30-9:30pm
Host: Margaret Burk
Share your favorite fairy tale. 10 minute limit.

Ghost Story Swap – 9:45-10:45pm
Got a great ghost story? Time limit 15 minutes.


Legacy Stories – 4:00-5:30pm
Host: Mike Speller
A 5 to 10-minute opportunity to share the story you have performed, the one story you hope lives beyond you: personal favorite, audience fave, tribute to a friend, etc.

Story Slam – 9:15-10:15pm
Host: Ward Rubrecht
Slam storytelling is the art of pouring your heart and soul out on stage and consenting to have five randomly-chosen audience members grade your performance on a scale of 1-10. The highest score at the end of the night is the winner! If that sounds scary, don’t worry – it’s all in good fun at the Northlands Story Slam.

The theme this year is SCARS. All of us have them – visible or invisible – and each one carries with it the story of how it came to be. Whether its origins were slapstick or tragic, choose one of your own inner or outer scars and tell us its tale in five minutes or less.

Anybody can sign up to tell a story that relates to the theme
Names will be pulled randomly.
Stories must be 5 minutes or less, and must be told, not read


Pocket Story Swap – 9:00-10:30am
Host: Jeff Doyle
What is your “go to” story when you’re in a pinch? Would you be willing to share it with other storytellers and allow them tell it elsewhere? We are looking for stories 5-10 minutes in length. When you tell at this swap, participants then have permission to tell your story elsewhere. It’s a unique opportunity to share our knowledge and insure the continued tradition of storytelling. Please come listen and share. All stories shared must be in the public domain or your original creation.